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All your Cycling and Triathlon needs in one place.

At Body N Bike we live and breathe cycling!! We take that passion into everything we do. From helping you become the best athlete you can be with our individualised coaching programs. To treating your pride and joy like it's our own when it's in getting a service. 

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Our servicing packages are the best way to keep your pride and joy running smoothly. 

Minor Service

$50 + Parts

  • Gears Checked and Tuned
  • Brakes Checked and Tuned
  • Chain Lubricated
  • Safety Check
  • Tyre checked and Inflated

Full Service (6 months)

$100 + Parts

  • Full Drivetrain Clean and Degrease
  • Gears and Brakes, Checked and Tuned
  • Headset Checked and Tuned
  • Chain Lubricated
  • Safety Check

Complete Service (12 months)

$300 + Parts

  • Complete Strip, Clean and Regrease
  • Rebuild
  • All New Cables
  • Brake Bleed (if required)
  • New Bar Tape


Have a big goal? Need help to achieve it? We can help! Every program is individualised for your personal goals and needs. All programs are a minimum of 3 months.



XC, Downhill or 24 hour racing. Local to National level we have seen and raced it all. Let us use our experience and love for the dirt to help you achieve your MTB goals.



Critriums, road racing, TT's and even BMX. Club through to World Championship level. Use all our cycling knowledge, experience and passion to help you achieve your Cycling goals.



With over 15 years of Triathlon experience that has seen us compete at multiple distances including 8 Ironmans. Beginner or seasoned athlete let us help you achieve your Triathlon goals.



New Bike? Injured? Pain? Discomfort?

Being comfortable on your bike is more important then the latest carbon bling you have.  Comfort leads to less pain and discomfort, decreases your risk of injuries and leads to more enjoyment and great efficency. All of this equals more SPEED!

Let us help you to become more comfortable and efficent on your bike, so you can enjoy your riding without the discomfort and with more SPEED!


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+61 421508553

Pedal With Passion!